School Discipline



Every school, just like any organization, must have a purpose. Freedom Elementary School’s purpose is to provide opportunities for academic, personal, and school growth in a safe and productive environment. The means by which this environment can be established is through an effective discipline policy.

The school believes that all children are entitled to the kind of opportunities that teach self-control and develop emotional stability. Therefore, our school will provide experiences which will promote understanding and attitudes which the students will need to function in our society today and in the future.

We believe that it is the shared responsibility of administrators, teachers and parents to provide a school environment, which promotes positive student behavior and stresses the prevention of discipline problems.

Therefore, it is also our responsibility to establish rules and to enforce them in order to prevent disorder and chaos, and to allow all students to function productively. Students are expected to take advantage of the positive school environment to develop self-control and emotional stability. Students who behave irresponsibly will be held accountable for their behavior based upon school policy and the California Education Codes.

All staff members of Freedom Elementary School will maintain the following Personal Standards as principles and rules for success. Students will review these standards in their classes and determine how the standards look and sound when students and staff practice them.

1. Show Respect.

2. Make Good Decisions.

3. Solve problems.


Teachers will implement their classroom management plan in the manner that best suits them and their group of students with an emphasis on the Personal Standards.


Verbal warnings are given to students as an initial step to correct misbehavior.


A staff member may issue a written warning when there is a problem they wish to have acknowledged by a parent/guardian or to provide notification. A written warning is given to a student in an effort to remedy a situation before it results in a further disciplinary action. If the principal sends a written warning, a copy will be sent via US mail.


Lunchtime Detention is assigned as an intermediary step to correct misbehavior. Students will perform activities in detention that are appropriate to the inappropriate behavior. These activities may include campus beautification, completion of homework, quiet reflection time, developing a behavior plan, writing an apology letter, or a written statement of how a student could have handled a situation in a more positive manner. Students who fail to serve detention may be reassigned to two (2) detention periods or suspension.


Loss of privileges will be assigned as it pertains to misbehavior. Some examples are not being permitted to participate in class parties, school assemblies or to have time out during a portion of recess.

Repeat offenses may result in more serious disciplinary consequences per progressive discipline steps.