School Rules

Classroom Rules

Classroom behavior expectations and rules will be posted in each classroom.  Parents will receive information from their child’s teacher that will explain routines and behavior expectations.

Playground Rules

1.      Students are to obey all adults who work for the school.

2.      Students are to walk on blacktop and sandbox areas.

3.      Students are to use the restrooms appropriately.

4.      Students are to refrain from kicking any balls on the blacktop.

5.      Students are to keep two hands on the bar apparatus when in use.

6.      Students are to practice good sportsmanship while participating in any group activity.

7.      Students are to get a pass / permission from staff members in order to leave their designated play area.

8.      Students and equipment will “freeze” when they hear the bell and walk to the designated line up spot at the sound of the whistle.

Student Safety and Traffic Rules

Students are to cross the street at designated crosswalks only.  Parents, please discourage students from dashing across the street.  Safety Patrol Officers will report the following issues:

¨       jaywalking

¨       rudeness to traffic patrol officers

¨       not waiting for traffic patrol before crossing the street riding bikes, skateboards, roller shoes, or roller blades in the crosswalks or on campus

Cafeteria Rules

1.   Respect others.

2.    Clean up after yourself.

3.   Use a soft voice.

4.    Behave appropriately while in line.

5.    Avoid playing with food.

Bus Rules While on Campus

1.    Walk to your bus line.

2.    Stand quietly in your bus line until you are dismissed.

3.    Cooperate with supervising adults.

4.    Follow posted bus rules.

Vehicle Traffic Rules

1.    All vehicles are to park only in designated areas. (No parking in red zones)

2.    Yellow zones are only for dropping off and loading.

3.    The curbside is only used for the drop off or pick up of students.


Bicycles are allowed at school; however, they must be walked on school grounds and on the sidewalks in front of the school.  Bicycles are to be kept in the bicycle storage area secured with a lock.  Children who ride bicycles are required to wear helmets.

Dress Code

The following guidelines have been developed by students, parents, and staff to provide all parents and students with clothing suggestions that will allow students to move freely and participate in school activities.  A student’s attention to appearance and a student’s attitude toward himself and his school are related.  Good taste and good grooming are part of school learning.

1.      Shoes must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for playground activities.

    a.  shoes should be appropriate for active physical exercise, have covered protective toes, backs, no wheels, and low heels.  (clogs and flip-flops are not  to be worn at school)

    b.  no cleats

    c.  participation in our Physical Education Program requires sturdy athletic shoes.

2.      Tops are to be appropriate for school wear.

    a.      Tops should have shoulder straps that are 1” thick and cover the midriff and stomach.

    b.      No fish net shirts.

    c.      No T-shirts with inappropriate pictures or slogans.

3.      Shorts are to be of reasonable length.

4.      Pants are not to be excessively baggy and are to be worn at the hip or higher.

5.      Hats or caps are to be worn with bills facing forward and are not to be worn in the buildings.

6.      Grooming should not be disruptive to the educational process or the health and safety of our students.

    a.   Hair color must be of a natural hair color.

    b.   For health reasons, we discourage the sharing of combs and brushes.

    c.   Jewelry and other accessories are to be kept to a minimum and age appropriate.